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radRounds (NEW YORK) -- UPMC (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center) in association with the GE Healthcare is planning to set up cancer treatment centers abroad in Turkey, Greece, South Korea, Germany and other parts of the world. Presently GE is operating in more that 100 nations and has over 20 years of experience in Turkey. Probably this must be a strong reason why UPMC has chosen to shake hands with GE Healthcare. This announcement was made on Thursday 13th November 2008. UPMS is planning to setup 25 cancer treatment center in next 10 years in Europe and Middle East including India and China. The project is scheduled to start in 2009. Presently UPMC has operation in 42 cancer treatment centers in western Pennsylvania of which 2 each are in Ireland, Waterford and Dublin. The project is unique as Both UPMC and GE have their key functions in this project. UPMC will look after the management and service part of the project. GE will provide all the necessary and latest radiology equipments like MRI, PET scanners and CT.

These cancer treatment centers will provide surgical oncology and radiation services. These centers will also provide various laboratory services along with ancillary radiology services. UPMC is expected to team up with the local government or private companies to set up the centers which UPMC will be managing. UPMC with an intention of providing individualized treatment plans to patients has collaborated with D3 Radiation Planning – a reputed organization from Shadyside.

by Jennifer Larson
Staff Writer

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