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Physics Rounds: Boards Resources for the ABR Radiologic Physics Exam | 2009 - version 2.0

This page is dedicated to resources for radiologists, residents, students, and anyone who is interested in radiologic physics and taking the physics boards soon!

Online Radiology Courses from various Academic Radiology Programs

UCSD - University of San Diego Radiologic Physics Course and Lecture Notes
PET Lectures http://depts.washington.edu/nucmed//IRL/pet_intro/
University of Washington Radiology Resident Physics Lectures and Notes

Radiation Biology

Radiation Safety: Average Dose Ranges for Common Diagnostic Radiology Procedures
Radiation Biology Review Course and Training Exams - by Dr. Eric Hall at Columbia University; this is a highly regarded RSNA-funded resource!

RSNA Radiation Biology Syllabus with Sample Examination and questions - Excellent resource with practice exam in radiation biology; a must-do in preparation for the physics boards!

Artifacts Teaching Resources

MRI Physics

e-MRI.org - e-MRI, Magnetic Resonance Imaging physics and technique course on the web

Basics of MRI Physics
- Hosted by Dr. Joseph P. Hornak at Rochester Institute of Technology

Magnetic Resonance Technology Information Portal - The web portal for the 'MRI Professional'. From the basics to the latest news, you should find it here at MR-TIP.com. To name just a few topics: 'Artifacts' with case studies and 'ImageGuidance', 'Contrast Agents' with descriptions, 'Distribution Information' and 'Drug Information', 'Pulse Sequence', 'Device Information', 'Safety Guidance', 'News Service', etc., all based on overviews and database entries with links to more than 2100 publications and resource sites.

MRI Protocols - Great resource for MRI and MRA protocols

e-MRI.org - e-MRI, Magnetic Resonance Imaging physics and technique course on the web

MRI Handbook

Simply MR Physics Tutorial

MRI Tutor

Thomas Jefferson University Radiology MR Physics Lectures

MRI Safety Resource and Device Compatibility Information

Online Exams
Emory Sample Examinations

Huda Sample Examinations (Three full length exams)

Statistics Resources
Great site on ROC (Receiver Operator Curves) - http://www.anaesthetist.com/mnm/stats/roc/Findex.htm

Recommended Books

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