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Radiology a commodity? Teleradiology or Part-timers to Cover Staffing Needs?

(DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING) -- Like many practices, we deal with variability of staffing and variability of workflow. There are times of the year that our business is up, and times when it is down. There are times when everyone wants time off (summer) and times when we are fully staffed.

The trick is to marry your staffing to the work. Certainly, you can use a classical model accepting that in any business you just have to work extra sometimes when work demands.

We’ve considered several options. One is leveraging teleradiology services; a second is employing part-time staff. But which is more cost-effective? It really depends on your model. It is not just what you pay for the service that maters, you have to look for the hidden costs as well.

The big question is, how complicated is your business? This directly impacts your up-front and ongoing costs.

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Comment by nancy norman on November 4, 2011 at 12:38pm

One more important consideration--A mechanism to provide your radiologists the means to call a referring physician at the time of the report and then track the encounter. Our Critical Test Results Notification will be shown at RSNA booth #5500.


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