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Now a safer eye cover mask for medical MRI and Radiology and imaging practitioners

Terry Weber of Originals by Weber introduces their new MRI Safe Eye Cover examination mask. This new product in specially designed to enhance radiological procedures and assists radiologists during MRI and Radiology examination of patients. This mask is made of disposable lightweight black foam. At the same time the product is nontoxic and comes with an adjustable elastic strap. The best thing about this product is that, it extremely comfortable to wear and come at a very low cost. The company has added special Tissue Liner feature in the mask. These Tissue Liners keep the inner part of mask clean and fresh.

In the past most eye masks were blindfolding and sleep masks were made with metal fasteners attached to elastic straps. Mask can be used only once and should be discarded. The other method for using is by replacing the optional Tissue Liner between the inner side of mask and patient’s face.

While examining the patients via MRI or radiology it is always good to use eye covers (or masks). As masks with metal parts can not be accepted for high tech equipments, Weber’s newly designed eliminates this problem by using plastic parts instead of metal parts.

According MRI and radiology examiners, the mask was exactly the way they wanted it to be.

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