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Lately the job market in radiology has been quite sour. So how does one find jobs these days? One word: connections.

As in all non-medical and non-clinical jobs, connections really matter. Relationships are what get you a high quality jobs. We advise against using recruiters or simply job postings. Usually the best jobs are unpublished. Hence, networking and connections really are the best way to find a great job. Not that it is easy--this method takes work but it will pay off. It is worth it as your career long term is on the line.

Recommendations on how to network and leverage connections for your radiology job search:

1) Make a list of your inner circle of close supporters at your current workplace, residency, fellowship and contact each person to see if they can help you or refer you

2) Make a list of your secondary circle such as college friends, grad school friends, med school classmates who may also be able to know folks in radiology

3) Go to meetings and conferences (i.e. RSNA, ASNR, ARRS, SIR, SIIM, and many more acronyms)

4) Go to local radiological society meetings

5) Participate in moonlighting activities so you can expand your network outside of your own hospital

6) Join sites like radRounds, LinkedIn to build you online network. One of the main reasons why radRounds was founded was to help members leverage their connections for job searches.

7) Have you ever done research in radiology with anyone else? Collaborators who are now outside of your institution--call them up and reconnect. They know your work ethic and are likely impressed by your work.

8) An adjunct to simply going to meetings; submit some abstracts in your areas of interest and go present at some of the national meetings. This may get you some funding not to mention an opportunity to meet others.

Best of luck and trust us, networking and connections work.

Best regards,

-radRounds Career Center

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