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Are you taking the ACR In-Training Examination as a radiology resident?

Here are some FAQs:

Diagnostic Radiology In-Training Exam (DXITTM) FAQs

Exam information:
The duration of the exam is 4 hours. The number of exam questions is confidential.

Exam fee information:
The cost of exam is $160 per resident but typically covered by the residency program. To expedite process of check payment, please reference: Diagnostic In-training Exam, your four-digit site number, and your facility name. Invoices are available by request only.

Who can participate in the in-training exam?
Only 1st - 4th year residents may participate in the in-training exam. Interns or fellows are not eligible to participate.

What should residents study before taking the exam?
The exam is designed to assess residents’ knowledge over a broad range of radiology topics and to educate them on areas that might need further study. Preparation should parallel their day-to-day training in radiology. They should take guidance from their residency curriculum and Program Director. ACR does not have a recommended study guide for the exam. The previous year’s exam is available to view on our website for a limited time. The exam is then archived for use in future ACR products and is no longer available.

What are the requirements on exam day?
ACR does not determine room requirements, i.e., if computers or scrap paper are allowed or set the time of day when the exam should be taken. The only requirement is the exam must be administered on the day of February 3, 2011 with a proctor. The residents should take the exam at the same time, so that the integrity of the exam is not compromised.

What are the prerequisites for the Proctor?
The Proctor must be an MD or a DO. The proctor and the residents must stay in the room for the duration of the exam.

Who notifies Program Coordinators if residents take the exam at an alternate site?
It is the responsibility of the Program Coordinator of the home site to contact and make arrangements with the Program Director of the alternate site for the residents, with the exception of AIRP (formerly AFIP), site #0470.

May a registered resident take the exam on another day?
To maintain the integrity of the exam, residents are NOT allowed to sit for the exam at any time prior to February 3, 2011. It is at the discretion of the Program Director if an individual resident is allowed to take the exam after February 3, 2011. Please note however, that it is required that all completed answer sheets, etc., be postmarked February 3 or 4, 2011. If a resident is allowed to sit for the exam after February 3, 2011, his/her answer sheet cannot be included in the returned materials. The Program Coordinator will keep the completed answer sheet and hand-score the exam once the results are available.

Who discusses exam results with residents?
Because the results are confidential, Program Directors discuss the exam results with each resident. Discrepancies are to be discussed with the Program Director.

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