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Optical Imaging Innovation Update: Autofluorescence Videoendoscopy improves the chances of discovery of Colon Polyp.

(REUTERS) According to a report by the Reuters Health, Autofluorescence Videoendoscopy improves the chances of discovery of Colon Polyp.

According to the results of a study undertaken by some Japanese investigators, Compared to the white light colonoscopy, a new Autofluorescence Imaging Videoendoscopy System (AFI) can improve the detection chances of colon polyps. AFI system is developed by Olympus Medical Systems.

The lead investigator of this study Dr. Matsuda told Reuters Health that the system is extremely useful in detection of the flat adenomatous polyps. He also said that the largest advantage of the new system might be its ability to perform quicker and better examination without additional attachments to the endoscope. And ultimately resulting in saving of cost and time normally required for dye spraying or infusion.

In August issue of “American Journal of Gastroenterology” Dr. Takahisa Matsuda of the National Cancer Center Hospital in Tokyo, and colleagues have noted that the system is able to provide real-time colour images. Neoplastic lesions are magenta and Non-Neoplastic ones have green coloration.

The use of AFI system led to detection of a hundred lesions, whereas the conventional White Light yielded only seventy three.

by Jennifer Larson
Writer, radRounds
October 19, 2008

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