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It's that time of the year again. Many a medical student have navigated the waters of residency applications and the "interview trail." We here at radRounds are here to help you -- if you ever have any questions, please email us at residencyadvice@radrounds.com and dedicated volunteers who are staff attending radiologists and residents at premier institutions have volunteered to offer CONFIDENTIAL AND FREE advice. Our partner, Student Doctor Network (SDN) have put together a great article on residency interviews. Glenn Gregory (SDN) begins this excellent guide with:
You’ve been waiting for what seems like an eternity. You practically snatch the mail from the mail carrier as it is being delivered and frantically search through the stacks of coupons and bills to find some good news; just as you are ready to steel yourself for yet another disappointment, your heart stops. There it is. The school’s emblem sits silently above the return address on the envelope, meeting your stare. Hands shaking, you fumble with the envelope and eventually manage to tear it open. Unfolding the letter it contained, you discover that someone out there thinks you are interesting enough to offer you an interview. After you finish dancing with your neighbors who were minding their own business until that point and get done laminating the letter, you catch your breath and wonder, “How do I proceed now?” Please click here to read about
residency interview advice for medical students!
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