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Unibased Systems Architecture, Inc., an US company, announced a successful stint at Oakwood Healthcare Systems (OHS), by centralizing scheduling of all the OHS radiology departments in the organization. USA’s number one rated enterprise scheduling application, Resource Management System (RMS), is being utilized in 4 inpatient hospitals and 8 outpatient sites thereby allowing almost all the steps of the pre-registration process to be merged into a single-step process. This has ultimately resulted in decreasing the total number of phone calls received by any single patient and also by allowing OHI to easily capture the labour savings. Other than centralizing the radiology scheduling, the major change is in being able to move the usual back-end processes like ICD-9 coding, insurance verification and checking medical necessity compliance to the front end processes.

Lynn Flynn, Corporate Director of Revenue Cycle Operations, OHS says that this might enhance patient satisfaction as they will be able to inform the patient of their financial liability prior to getting the service itself.
Cindy Borders, Vice President, Client Services said that the financial impact of this will be visible very soon as this kind of centralized scheduling will have a direct impact on the ROI itself.

For more on this click http://www.businesswire.com/portal/site/goog...

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