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Shields MRI and Healthcare Group Transforms Medical Records - Patients can "wear" their images

Shields Health Care Group (SHCG) announced the release of a new product that will transform the way it manages certain medical information. Shields operates the largest and most technically advanced network of medical imaging, diagnostic, and treatment facilities in New England.

Shields will begin offering its patients the ability to be in charge of their own scans (MRI, CT, X-Ray, and ultrasound) and the corresponding doctor’s reports by uploading them onto a bracelet that contains a 1 GB USB. The patients will be able to literally wear their scans and reports as they travel from doctor to doctor. Company President, Jack Shields, is excited about this new technology. “Remember the old days when you had to carry the actual X-ray films and hoped they wouldn’t bend or get lost? Those days are over.”

The bracelet is made of soft plastic and the ends come apart quite easily so that it can be carried in a purse or briefcase, or even someone’s pocket. “The idea is for patients to be able to transport their medical information effortlessly.” said Mr. Shields.

For patients who want to upload their own medical information (such as a living will or advanced medical directive), the company will also offer a blank Scan Band.

Shields Health Care Group will release a similar product later this year that will include an application to allow their patients to store all of their health information – such as lab results and health care proxy information – along with their Shields scans.

“This is real progress – our patients will be able to access their health records easily and quickly. We deal with life and death issues every day – this is sure to make a difference in people’s lives.” said Mr. Shields.

To lean more about the Shields Scan Band click here.

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