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Radiology Salaries Remained Flat in 2009 (via RSNA)

(RSNA) - According to the RSNA, radiologist salaries have hit a plateau and did not grow in the last year. It is quoted that "The changing face of healthcare and the faltering economy are among factors continuing to impact radiology salaries, which hovered just above the rate of inflation or flatlined altogether in 2009. Nevertheless, experts say those numbers should begin rebounding in 2010."

Brad Vaudrey, M.B.A., C.P.A. and Stephen Chan, M.D. have done extensive work in this area in order to assess radiologist salaries.

"I expect compensation to gradually start picking up again, but the days of double-digit increases are behind us at this point," said Brad Vaudrey, M.B.A., C.P.A., a director with RSM McGladrey's Health Care Consulting Group, which administered the 2010 American Medical Group Association (AMGA) 22nd Annual Medical Group Compensation and Financial Survey. Vaudrey goes on to state that "I don't see a lot of groups planning to significantly increase their physician compensation just yet, but I still expect the future trend to be a little bit above inflationary rates when taking into consideration increases in productivity."

According to the RSNA, Cardiothoracic surgeons and their salaries top the list. Cardiac/thoracic surgeons were the highest paid specialty, with a median salary of $533,084, while orthopedic surgeons ranked second with a salary of $500,672; compensation for both increased 5.1 percent.

Of the 30 specialties surveyed, interventional radiologists scored third highest and diagnostic radiologists earned the fifth highest salary for 2009.

The RSNA article continues to state "With a median salary of $454,205, diagnostic radiologists' compensation increased by 3.7 percent in 2009, while interventional radiologists reported a median salary of $478,000, which was unchanged from the year before."

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