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Radiology on Primetime TV show, CSI - 3D imaging technology by Dr Anders Persson

radRounds (NEW YORK) -- When we think of the 3D imaging, one of the most important things that come to our minds is Radiology, the branch of medical science that is widely known as the fastest developing and cutting edge of healthcare. Much research is being conducted in radiology and medical imaging sciences. This radiology research work is leading to development of many new medical imaging tools such as the latest in MR, CT, and ultrasound which are now producing more accurate and reliable results in the field of clinical tests.

For example, in the realm of 3D imaging, Dr. Anders Persson - a physician from Sweden, can be said to be one of the most remarkable achievers in the field of radiology research.

Persson has shouldered the honorable responsibility of being the Head of Radiology for the Hälsingland region of Sweden. He has been awarded the famous Lennart Nilsson Award for the year 2008, for his extraordinary contribution in the field of Scientific Photography. He is also the Director of Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization (CMIV), at Linköping University.

He has innovated 3D imaging technology in which he has achieved a significant success. He and his colleagues together have developed a model of internal human anatomy using various techniques like magnetic resonance, ultrasound and positron emission tomography. This provides much simpler and quicker way of analysis in the field of forensics. After capturing these initial images of human internal anatomy he compiles that initial data into pictures of high quality with great clarity. His spectacular 3D images are featured highly on CSI.

by Jennifer Larson
Staff Writer, radRounds

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