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Radiologist Jobs and Gen X views on work-life balance

(AMERICAN COLLEGE OF RADIOLOGY BULLETIN) -- This month's ACR bulletin features a very interesting piece regarding radiologist jobs and "Gen Xer's" views on radiology and their careers. This excellent article raises a few questions and addresses a fundamental issue - "It’s an issue often raised by older radiologists. why, they ask, do so few young radiologists seem to volunteer with local, state, and national medical societies? why aren’t these Gen Xers and yers championing organized medicine as did genera- tions before them? and why aren’t they working collaboratively to oppose the feared commoditization of radiology, declining reimbursements, and increased competition? For answers, the ACR Bulletin consulted several Gen X radiologists."

To read more, please pick up your hard copy and flip to page 19 or simply visit the ACR Bulletin website: http://www.acr.org/SecondaryMainMenuCategories/NewsPublications/Fea...

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