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POWERWAND from Access Scientific Gains CE Mark

Global Distribution of Power-Injectable, Extended-Dwell
Catheter to Begin in Britain, Australia and South Africa

SAN DIEGO -- Access Scientific, Inc. announced receipt of a CE Mark for the POWERWAND -- a unique power-injectable, extended-dwell catheter. The company plans initial outside-US distribution of the device in Britain, Australia and South Africa.

The POWERWAND, which is placed using the Accelerated Seldinger Technique, promises to improve the inpatient experience while increasing healthcare worker safety.

"This milestone means we can now begin distribution of this game-changing vascular access device outside the U.S.," said Dr. Steve Bierman, CEO of Access Scientific. "Vascular access specialists have a keen interest in the POWERWAND, because they recognize patients' need for an extended dwell catheter that allows for medication/ fluid delivery and also permits diagnostic phlebotomy -- all through a single non-central line."

The WAND's proprietary technology is designed to make over-wire vascular access faster, safer and simpler. The device is designed to protect both patients and healthcare workers.

"With the POWERWAND, many if not most inpatients can have one and only one needlestick during their entire hospitalization," Dr. Bierman said. "That means patient satisfaction goes up, while costs and risks in the hospital go down."

The POWERWAND is the second Accelerated Seldinger Technique device launched by ASI. The PICC WAND, is currently distributed in the US by Teleflex Medical on a non-exclusive basis.

The POWERWAND has not yet received FDA 510(k) clearance.

About Access Scientific

Access Scientific, a privately held medical device company, is dedicated to providing a safer standard of over-wire vascular access through its proprietary WAND technology. ASI's team of seasoned device-company veterans is focused on improving patient and healthcare worker safety through the combination of superb design/engineering and exacting quality assurance. The WAND was developed by the same Venetec International, Inc. team that invented StatLock® catheter stabilization devices and made them the worldwide standard.

For further information on the company, go to www.The-Wand.com, email Customer Service at PCook@the-wand.com, or call 858-259-8333.

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