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PACSMail - Innovative and Useful Tool for Radiologists!

(May 26, 2009, NEW YORK) -- radRounds Radiology Network interviews the innovators behind PACSMail!

What is PACSMail? PACSMail is a secure medical data communications network that allows clinicians to collaborate via Internet. Access to the network permits the design and delivery of a range of ‘virtual’ clinical services allowing those with hands-on responsibility for patient care to access the expertise of remote clinical colleagues.
What led to the development of your product? We were approached by a number of radiologists and referring clinicians who needed a way of simultaneously sharing scans on-line and which also allowed the radiologist to copy their report directly to the referring clinician (rather than losing time going via the imaging centre). The referring doctors wanted a system that would allow them to build these scans/reports into a local electronic record and that would allow them to upload images from CD where needed. The radiologists also told us that they needed a system that enabled them to merge scans for multiple imaging sites into a single worklist/view (eliminating the need for them to 'dial-in' to multiple PACS/RIS systems).
Gives us real-life examples of clients using your product successfully PACSMail is now used by almost all private imaging groups in the UK and is now being employed in the NHS for cancer referrals. It is the main system used in UK sports medicine with most leading organisations having accounts (Premier Football, Rugby, Cricket, Athletics, Olympics etc). Here is a quote fro Brian English, Team Doctor at Chelsea Football Club: "Looking back to our first meeting in London in 2006, I remember saying that what Chelsea needed was a way for experts like Dr Jerry Healy to report scans for us quickly and for us to be able to receive images and reports on-line at club level. Teleradiology was obviously the way forward but the technology at that time was very much focused on the needs of hospitals and not the needs of referring doctors, especially where they are working within large sporting organisations such as Chelsea. PACSMail has taken teleradiology to a whole new level, allowing the rapid sharing of key diagnostic information between reporting radiologists, club doctors, surgeons and physiotherapists". See link for more comments from users
How does this product add value and innovation to radiology practice? PACSMail has combined Web 2.0 and PACS technology to allow radiologists and associated clinicians to build 'virtual networks' with no capital outlay, and they can add new members quickly and easily. The service is equally suitable for single or group practices, enabling smaller networks to collaborate and to develop their practices into significant businesses which can then compete with larger teleradiology practices. PACSMail also allows radiologists to work 'virtually' with other clinical colleagues, facilitating the operation of multi-disciplinary clinical practices either within or between healthcare providers. ____ radRounds Radiology Network: Radiologists are in the business of images. Especially in today's practice environment, ease of transmission and exchange of images is critical to workflow, effective patient care, and quality of care. Hence, radiologists will be pleased to know there is another very useful tool and platform such as PACSMail. We urge you to give it a try! For more information about PACSMail, please visit their website at

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