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iPad Tablet, It's official! Big opportunity for healthcare.

(SAN FRANCISCO) -- Well, it's official! The name of the Apple tablet is now known as the "iPad." Apple's latest device represents not only a big opportunity for traditional publishers and media outlets, but healthcare stands to benefit significantly. The healthcare system is typically known to be late adopters but this year is likely to be different--many hospitals, practices, and physicians stand to adopt the tablet (iPad) with open arms. Already, many physicians own iPhones. Perhaps we may see such applications as OsiriX on the iPad! In fact, we most definitely will see OsiriX on the iPad because the iPad has 100% compatibility with all iPhone apps! An independent study cites as many as 30% of physicians now carry an iPhone and is one of the demographics/segments that will grow the fastest in the coming year, especially when Apple opens up to allow other carriers onboard. ReadWriteWeb recently penned a great article about the healthcare system's likely rapid adoption of the iPad. ReadWriteWeb's article cites that "A big part of this reason is usability of the software. Clearly, vendors have been building creative and durable machines. But in a similar way that earlier smartphones now seem clumsy compared to the iPhone, we haven't yet seen a product that is amazing. Something like what we think the Apple tablet could be would change this landscape overnight and may be priced at a point that's much less than other medical devices on the market." To read more, visit the RWW website:
http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/the_healthcare_system_an_apple... We at radRounds certainly look forward to upcoming innovative iPad (and iPhone) apps for radiologists, physicians, and hospitals! An truly exciting time for mobile computing!

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