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First Telerays and now RBAY! Another auction site for radiology enters the radiology space.

radRounds (NEW YORK) -- Online marketplace provides way to find out new suppliers for manufacturers. Now a days radiology has become demanding field and thus a number of European regions are suffering from a shortage of radiologists. So the EU got the solution by supporting radiology project R-Bay, to generate an eMarketplace for the purchase and sale of imaging-related eHealth services.

R-Bay will be extension of eRadiology. ERadiology works on 'point-to-point' connections to provide services to providers and clients. To overcome their limitations R-Bay uses ‘many-to-many’ connections in eMarketplace. R-Bay will establish an internal market within a pan-European scope for exchanging eHealth services. R-Bay will include market legalize image processing and analysis methods. This method will be based upon a 'pay per-click' model and also new business models. This model consists of research institutions, market development experts along with providers and healthcare officials. Thus R-bay creating models and streams for health services.

In this project Carestream Health is also participating to help in making remote reporting of images. Their Health radiology and information management solutions will provide the base for initial test phase of project. It will also helpful in better distribution of radiologist resources in Europe and to access optimal medical care through pan-European imaging services. R-Bay will also undertake the brain drain problem in Eastern Europe.

by Jennifer Larson
Staff Writer, radRounds.com

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