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Call for Nominations
The 2009-2010 College Nominating Committee will recommend candidates to fill the offices of president, vice president, elected position on the board of chancellors (BOC), Council Steering Committee (CSC), College Nominating Committee (CNC), members in training, and a private-practice representative to attend the Intersociety Summer Conference.

Any member can forward recommendations for any of the elected or selected positions to the CNC in care of the ACR executive office on or before December 31, 2009.

All candidates must provide a current curriculum vitae, a recent black-and-white photograph, at least two letters of support, and a completed questionnaire describing the nature of their practice and their position on issues important to the College. The information is reviewed by the CNC and used for publishing in the election manual. The questionnaire and detailed nomination information is available below or through the ACR office. All information can be mailed or forwarded electronically to Mary Jane Donahue at mjdonahue@acr-arrs.org.

Additionally, all candidates must be present at the ACR Council meeting on Sunday, May 16. 2010. Only those candidates in contested elections will make a presentation to the Council before the election; however, all candidates should be present so they can be introduced to the Council.

BOC Elected Positions
For 2010, one elected vacancy will be open; to chair the Intersociety Committee. Candidates for the BOC positions do not have to be councilors or alternate councilors, but they should be a qualified radiologist who has been actively involved in the College and has leadership qualities beneficial in addressing the issues brought to the board.

Council Steering Committee
For 2010, candidates must be councilors through May 2012. They will compete for four positions on the CSC, each for a two-year term. These positions are eligible for re-election for an additional two-year term. Candidates with only one year remaining as a councilor who win re-election shall serve their final year as a councilor-at-large. No member may serve more than six consecutive years on the CSC without a lapse of at least one year.

College Nominating Committee
For 2010, five or more eligible councilors or alternate councilors, who must be councilors or alternate councilors through May 2012, will compete for three elected positions on the CNC, each for a two-year term. Members elected to the Nominating Committee by the Council cannot simultaneously serve on the CSC.

Members in Training
Chapters are asked to submit to the CNC the names of interested, involved members in training. The committee will nominate no more than four members in training, two of whom will be elected by the Council to attend the Intersociety Summer Conference in July 2010.

Private-Practice Representative
The committee will select a physician who has a private office not affiliated with a hospital practice or who practices in a hospital without radiology residents to participate in the 2010 and 2011 Intersociety Summer Conferences.

Society Representative
The American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) will be asked to present three members of the ACR to represent the ASTRO for a three-year term on the BOC. After consulting with the BOC chair, the CNC will select one individual.

Please direct questions to 800-227-5463, ext. 4902, or mjdonahue@acr-arrs.org.

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