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Airport scanners radiation risk? Real or another media myth?

ARRS InPractice: Backscatter Radiation at Airports: Real Risk or Another Media Myth?

This issue of ARRS InPractice covers airport security scanner radiation risks - is it a real issue or just hype? The article begins with stating "From the local news to leading medical journals to YouTube videos, we’ve all been warned, stunned, and cautioned about the potential risks for excessive radiation from airport scanners. With all of the ongoing coverage and reports, how do we know which claims are true? We asked a seasoned radiologist Dr. Walter Huda, professor of radiology at the Medical University of South Carolina and associate editor for the AJR, to help quell our fears and give us the real scoop on where the real radiation risks are."

Read more at ARRS InPractice here: http://www.arrs.org/Publications/InPractice/insight.aspx

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