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Airport scanners and radiation-blocking underwear

(DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING) -- Comment: The legacy of 9/11—Airport scanners and radiation-blocking underwear Before you get on that plane, check the frequent flyers’ round trip special from Rocky Flats Gear: Purchase two pair of men’s radiation-shielding briefs and two pair of women’s briefs and get two pair of bra inserts for free. It seems like only yesterday when ads on the back cover of comic books tried to lure me to buy x-ray glasses. Those were the days. Today, the Transportation Safety Administration—an oxymoron no matter how you look at it—has the x-ray glasses. The rest of us have to decide whether to go through the innocuous-looking contraptions that strip us naked or line up for a pat down.

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Comment by Boyce Thompson on October 20, 2010 at 4:09pm
Actually It's Transportation SECURITY Administration, and ironically your claims that they "have X ray glasses" are well unfounded and paranoid, TSA has no intention of using a machine that can produce a X ray image a human. They do however, have machines that bounce a tiny amount of ether X rays or radio waves off your skin in a similar manner to how a radar gun works, contrary to popular belief they do not produce images that look like naked people, they produce images that look more like gray faceless robots and soon they won"t produce images it will all be handled by an automatic computer. Granted you can go out and purchase Lead undergarments, which will most likely not only get you a whole bunch of extra attention, but thanks to the lack of quality control in India where said garments are made, they will earn you a good old fashioned case of lead poisoning. All that to avoid an exposure level that equals out to less then 5 minutes of sunshine for the the Back scatter or 1/ 10,000th the radio waves produced by your cell phone. What's really oxymoronic is the fact that so many people think TSA is just here to slow you down, and take away your tooth paste. When the facts are TSA has prevented the sabotage, hijacking, and terroristic subversion of no less then several hundred flights and a few whole airports. I wish I was allowed to tell you all the things, you don't know about what horrible things TSA has stopped from getting on planes. But here's a few things I can tell you. In TSA's short life span when compared to other law enforcement agencies. TSA has lead to more fugitive arrest then the US Marshals, and the FBI combined between 2001 and 2010, TSA has lead to a greater number of drug trafficking arrest then the DEA. TSA has lead to mare arrest and deportation of illegal aliens then the Border Patrol. TSA has prevented everything from firearms to explosives to numerous to count. Last TSA has kept the skies safe over the US from terrorism from 2001 to present. I guess TSA is one of those things that ether you "get" or you don't. If you really feel the need to understand why it is that TSA is doing a certain thing, then go to http://blog.tsa.gov/ and just ask someone they would be happy to answer any questions you might have on any screening procedure or whether or not you really need those lead britches.

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