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A new CT generation takes shape: thinking outside the circle

(DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING) -- By Greg Freiherr | April 16, 2010

Thirty-three years ago, University Hospitals in Madison, WI, unveiled to the local media a device that just about everybody had some fun with, the CAT scanner. Working as I was at the time for the UW medical school, I wrote the story for that unveiling. Dutifully I stepped aside as my boss lay on the table for faux pictures and video of the device “in action.” Publication of a cartoon cat looking intensely through a magnifying glass at a patient took the bite out of being nudged from my 15 minutes of fame. The cartoon was amusing, consoling, and yet insulting.

I had a “feline” (sorry…at long last I can laugh about it) that CAT scans would change the practice of medicine. What I didn’t know was that the basic design of this technology, a single source of x-rays rotating around a patient, would persist for so long. Finally this era may be coming to an end.

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This article was republished with permission from CMPMedica, LLC

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