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CT scans does not increase sensitivity of lung cancer detection

According to the researchers at New York University, the use of Computed Tomography to steer away bronchoscopy doesn't seem to increase the sensitivity of the lung cancer detection when compared the same with conventional bronchoscopy,

Dr. David Ost and his colleagues from the New York University had compared the ability of Computed Tomography scan-guided bronchoscopy with the conventional approach to detect the peripheral lesions and the mediastinal lymph nodes in approximately fifty patients that are currently being assessed for lung malignancies.

Results were obtained from all the patients. Twenty Five patients had undergone the CT scan-guided approach and Twenty Three patients underwent the conventional bronchoscopy. 2 patients dropped out of the trial during the investigation.

Patients who had negative results further underwent the either open surgical biopsy of lymph nodes or nodules, or were followed for more than two years only if they were found to have a nodule that was of size less than one cm in size.

The presence of lung cancer was diagnosed in around thirty six patients. The diagnosis for bronchoscopy was diagnosed in twenty seven cases. The detection of various types of peripheral lesions was done using similar two scanning techniques.

By Jennifer Larson
radRounds.com, Writer
October 17, 2008

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