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We recently had a chance to speak to residents regarding the Huda Physics Review Course, sponsored by the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Department of CME. This course was held in Chicago and Boston this year.
MEETING DESCRIPTION: Huda Physics Review covers essential issues relating to the formation of radiological images for all imaging modalities. Factors that affect image quality and patient safety will be emphasized. Radiological images will be used to explain underlying physics principles. Didactic sessions are supplemented with representative examination-style questions. Dr Huda will be available at the end of each day’s sessions for questions. This course is ideal for diagnostic radiology residents preparing for the American Board of Radiology (ABR) Board examinations.
COMMENTS/REVIEWS: We had the pleasure of speaking to a number of residents to get feedback regarding the Huda Course. Radiology residents are often left to fend for themselves in the preparation for the ABR physics board examination. Well funded large institutions typically have in house medical physicists but often times, more didactic instruction is needed. This is where physics review courses can significantly benefit radiology residents. In addition to the Huda review course, Dr. Bushberg also offers the "UC Davis Physics Course" which will be reviewed in an upcoming blog post. The Huda course spanned four days and covered physics fundamentals including radiation biology, nuclear medicine, MRI, ultrasound, mammography, fluoroscopy, digital versus screen/film, image quality, and artifacts just to name a few. Dr. Huda also spent a significant amount of time personally answering questions related to the topics as well as helping residents with exam review questions and more. Dr. Huda clearly has a charismatic and effective approach in educating radiology residents. His teaching is clinically relevant and attention-grabbing.
"Dr. Huda is an excellent speaker and lecturer - he made physics actually interesting!" -Resident, Massachusetts General Hospital "Dr. Huda saved me - I was clueless until the course" -Resident, Brigham and Women's Hospital "Buy and read his book before the course! It's even better that way" -Resident, Boston Medical Center "HIGH YIELD!" -John, Resident, New York City
ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: Dr. Huda's book (5 Stars on Amazon.com):

Online Huda Physics Examinations @ TheTestingLab.com
FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: Danielle Klette 1620 Tremont Street, Third Floor Boston, MA 02120 (617) 525-7330 FAX (617) 525-7333 Email: dklette@partners.org Website: http://www.radcme.harvard.edu Dr. Walter Huda is also a radRounds Member so you can contact him here as well
Dr. Walter Huda, PhD

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