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Another exciting partnership with up and coming interventional device review site!

We'd like to announce another exciting partnership between the new site, Which Interventional Device (http://www.whichinterventionaldevice.com). Through this partnership, radRounds members will now be able to preview some of the great reviews that they feature. For full review and images, visit their sites via links. In addition, if you would like to review devices, please let us know or let Dr. Haslam, who is the president of the site know!


your dedicated radRounds Team

About WhichInterventionalDevice

"We have designed 'Which Interventional Device' to be the definitive resource for impartial information on all products related to Intervention. Which Interventional Device is a community based website taking advantage of the latest features of WEB 2 (2nd generation of the internet). Our aim is to make our website the largest single repository of information on interventional devices with impartial views from actual users of the products. We aim to list as many different devices from as many different manufacturers as possible and to this end are accruing products over the next 4 months prior to our full launch in the New Year.

Why did we set up this site?

As an interventional radiologist for more than 10 years I have been constantly frustrated by the difficulty of finding useful information on devices we use in our day to day work. The Web is a useful resource, but to find information on interventional devices you need to know who makes the device. Even then you will only find information from the manufacturer. This may well be useful information but is not all we wish to know. We need to know what a device is actually like to use, does it work, who uses it and for what indications? As Interventionists we exchange this sort of information at conferences and other meetings. We also visit trade stands but there is a limit to the time available to us for this.

We work in a rapidly changing field. New products are released almost on a weekly basis. I tend to stick with my own favourite bits of kit and sometimes try out new things when they come along if left a sample by a company representative. There are very few studies comparing the devices we use, so I wanted to set up a site that can act as a repository of information on interventional products where we can all voice our opinions and learn from other’s experience.

As a member of WID you can post your own comments on devices you have used. Inform colleagues of your experiences. Let others know how you rate a device and whether you would you use it again. You can also post comments along with images of the device in situ with a perfect result, or even show what went wrong. I hope that discussion of devices will eventually lead to a broad consensus.

Manufacturers also have input into this site and can comment on device use/misuse and inform us of any changes to a product. Manufacturers comments will be marked as such.

We are very keen to review any new devices on the market and would also like your comments on any devices you may have used.

We are recruiting an expert panel of independant interventional radiologists to write 'in depth' reviews of devices. Please let us know if you would like to take part.

Dr Phil Haslam (Director)

Which Interventional Device Ltd

Incorporated in ENGLAND & WALES 06398398"

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