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ProHealth Care Selects McKesson's Radiology and Cardiology IT Solutions To Address Growing Needs Across the Enterprise

Multi-facility provider replaces legacy systems to improve efficiency, enhance care quality

McKesson has signed an agreement with ProHealth Care to replace multiple modality-based software applications with McKesson’s solutions for enterprise-wide medical imaging. The new picture archiving and communications system (PACS) , cardiovascular information system (CVIS) , and online case collaboration solution will provide ProHealth Care imaging professionals with the latest technology… Continue

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ACR issues statement regarding New England Journal article on CT scan radiation and safety

The American College of Radiology and the SCBTMR have issued a statement regarding a recent New England Journal article on CT scan radiation safety. As always, the ACR is committed to protecting the public and making sure appropriate education is disseminated to the public and physicians. Please read more about this latest development on CT scan safety and CT scan radiation dose regulations/monitoring.

ACR, SCBTMR Statement on Recent NEJM Article on CT Scan Safety – FDA Oversight… Continue

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Mystery surrounding Death of Santa Rosa, Italian Saint, solved by Radiology

(DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING, Rebekah Moan) -- X-ray reveals Italian saint died from a cardiac embolism

An x-ray taken centuries after her death proves a well-known saint died from a cardiac embolism instead of tuberculosis, as was previously thought. The body of Santa Rosa, an 18- or 19-year old girl, was naturally mummified in the 13th century.

Santa Rosa, or Saint Rose, allegedly brought people back to life and is said to have been unscathed after standing in a funeral… Continue

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Subspecialty Reads For Competitive Advantage


To compete, radiology groups must offer specialty reads

Radiologists must get used to the idea of competing with nontraditional companies such as teleradiology provider Radisphere if they hope to survive, according to a…

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GE improves Pediatric Imaging

<(GENERAL ELECTRIC) -- See how GE is improving pediatric imaging. From their website, we can see a new program introduced by GE which aims to make imaging less scary for pediatric patients.

From GE Reports Website:

Pediatric design turns scary MRIs into ‘Adventures’

Even for adults, getting an MRI can sometimes be an intimidating experience. For children, it can be downright scary — with many…

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MRI-Safe Implant List - Useful Link of the Day

How often have you needed to look up what orthopedic hardware or implantable device (Cardiac, neurological, thoracic, abdominal, or otherwise) is safe? As a radiologist or technologist in medical imaging, this issue often arises. Although many vendors make their implantable devices currently with MRI-safe materials, there are still quite a few prosthetic devices that contain significant amount of metal that either may migrate or heat up in the patient during an MRI scan. There are several books… Continue

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Image Contest - Month of July - Win $250 Amazon Gift Certificate

At radRounds this month, we will be holding an image contest. The contributor who submits the top rated image as decided by both the community and by a panel of radiologists will win an Amazon gift certificate of $250 (USD). If you have any questions, please contact imagecontest@radrounds.com

* Must be a radRounds member to participate (radiologists, technologists, industry leaders, all backgrounds are eligible and invited)
* All entries…

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SPECT/CT New Applications: SPECT/CT carves a niche in emerging radiotherapy

(DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING, Greg Freiherr) -- They are nearly microscopic, yet ganged together they can pack a big punch. They are microbeads embedded with radioisotopes and infused into body parts containing cancer tumors. The idea is to surround and destroy the tumor. The problem is making sure the microbeads stay put. SPECT/CT can provide the information to make it work.

This novel form of radiotherapy, called radiomicrosphere therapy, offers new hope for patients with inoperable… Continue

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NightHawk aims to ease radiologist fears

(DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING, Rebekah Moan) -- In a new policy that could make hospital-based radiologists breathe a bit easier, NightHawk Radiology has announced limits on what it will do to obtain new contracts in hospital settings. Recently, the company said that under its “Commitment to Community,” it will not do business with hospitals directly or indirectly unless: The hospital doesn’t currently have a radiology group providing services, and hasn’t had a group doing so for a reasonable period of… Continue

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Radiologist as White House Fellow

ACR Member First Radiologist Appointed White House Fellow…


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SPECT new application: Rehab center breaks new ground using SPECT to determine addiction treatment

(DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING, Rebekah Moan) -- An addiction treatment and rehab center in Florida has become the first facility on the East Coast to use single-photon emission CT scans as part of its standard of care for treating addicts. The Hanley Center in West Palm Beach is using the modality to analyze the parts of the brain affected by addiction in order to customize treatment for patients. Single-photon emission CT (SPECT) illustrates blood flow in the brain. It has been used in cardiology and… Continue

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Merge distribution deal in Brazil inked!

Merge Healthcare Signs Distribution Agreement for Health IT Solution in Brazil

New relationship brings industry-leading eFilm Workstation® to the growing Brazilian market

MILWAUKEE--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Merge Healthcare (NASDAQ: MRGE), a leading health IT solutions provider , today announced a new distribution agreement with Microdata Tecnologia LTDA, a PACS and Medical Imaging Technology manufacturer in Brazil. Under the agreement, Microdata Tecnologia LTDA will have… Continue

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Radiologist Compensation Trends - Productivity-based compensation: what the numbers say

(DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING, Pat Kroken) -- This article is the last in a series addressing the challenge of implementing a productivity-based compensation model in a radiology practice. To put this installment in perspective, it might be important to review that information since the final phase probably represents the least politically charged or disruptive. It discusses the assumptions and results of implementing a specific approach to rewarding high-productivity physicians. Assuming our… Continue

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Fuji's D-EVO - Whip CR…whip it good

(DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING, Greg Freiherr) -- At two minutes, thirty-nine seconds, Whip It was succinct and fittingly staccato, characteristics that in 1980 propelled the band DEVO to the top of the charts. Now DEVO is cracking a capitalist whip, rewriting the song’s lyrics to tout the unveiling of D-EVO (digital evolved), Fujifilm Medical Systems USA’s new portable flat-panel detector. It is the end of an era. …


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Patient dose concerns loom larger: need, education, licensure, is our answer

(DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING, Robert Maroszek, M.D.) -- A physician, who at the time was the principal doctor of a major medical clinic, once approached me about radiation dose issues and asked me to compare a chest x-ray to a chest and abdomen CT scan. I was prepared, having dealt with similar concerns expressed by other medical practitioners, and explained briefly how it can vary greatly and how the potential health hazards are weighed against the benefits. It was not the first time I had an inquiry… Continue

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ACR initiative aims to diffuse radiologist-hospital tensions

(DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING, John Hayes) -- A new initiative by the American College of Radiology addresses growing tensions between hospitals and their contracted radiology groups, some of which have caused the relationship to end in a bitter breakup.

A year in the works, the report by the ACR’s Task Force on Relationships Between Radiologists and Hospitals and Other Healthcare Organizations is due to be published in the June issue of the Journal of the American College of Radiology.

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Radiologist Salary Trends - Productivity-based radiologist compensation: setting the baseline

(DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING, Pat Kroken) -- The first article in this series discussed why productivity-based compensation is controversial based on the various production levels in the group: the racehorses, plowhorses, and plodders. Once productivity-based compensation has passed the conceptual stage, the real work begins. And this phase, due to its potential complexity and the reality of potential salary adjustments, often represents the point at which the wheels fall off. …


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CT’s fall from grace may lead to spectral redemption

(DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING, Greg Freiherr) -- The CT marketplace in the U.S. is teetering on the edge of somnolence, a smoky gray purgatory stirred by a wafting hope of redemption but stalled in melancholy. CT has slipped into this netherworld following the manic adoption of 64-slice scanners, which has saturated the U.S. installed base with CT functionality that can meet all routine—and some extraordinary—clinical needs.…


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Imaging likely to feel effects of MedPac Stark law plans

(DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING, Daniel F. Gottlieb, Esq) -- In response to a dramatic increase in the volume and cost of diagnostic imaging and other ancillary services furnished to Medicare patients in referring physicians’ offices, the Medicare Patient Advisory Commission is considering ways to rein in both. MedPac, which advises Congress on Medicare payment issues, is looking at a menu of changes to the Stark law's in-office ancillary services exception (in-office exception) and certain physician… Continue

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