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Viewbox Holdings, LLC Releases Innovative Medical Imaging App on iTunes

Viewbox is a newly released application for the iPad that allows users easy mobile access to view, share, and present medical images.  Created with the radiologist and medical professional in mind, Viewbox is an incredibly convenient tool allowing easy portability for your teaching file images in the workplace as well as the classroom.  Say goodbye to the tedious days of using multiple storage devices for your images because Viewbox just made utilizing the iPad the most efficient to view and present anonymized medical images for teaching purposes. 

Viewbox offers radiology trainees and other medical professionals a method to create and share image teaching files which are the bedrock of radiology learning and education.  In light of the recently reported controversy surrounding alleged cheating by U.S. radiology trainees and purported use of recalled exam questions, Viewbox offers trainees an alternative method to create and share image teaching files with the ability to link and reference their files with peer reviewed sources via technology built into the application.  

Users will now be able to search, view, and edit images from several sources on their iPad including their Apple Photo Stream accounts through the iCloud, Google Picasa, Dropbox, and the Radiology Society of North America’s MIRC Server.   Viewbox is a one stop shop for all mobile teaching file image viewing and presentation needs employing unique proprietary technology. There is no other application currently available which allows the user to access data from multiple sources, and view it within seconds to be viewed offline as well. One can share anonymized images with colleagues via the built-in email sharing feature, compare multiple images in up to four virtual viewboxes, or share images with an audience using presentation mode. 

Aside from teaching purposes, using a laptop for medical use is simply not realistic anymore because hospitals and medical offices are busy environments. Doctors and nurses are constantly on the go and it can be a challenge to carry a computer from one place to the other. Viewbox for the iPad allows a convenient way for medical professionals to share images with patients and can enhance the doctor-patient relationship by helping patients understand what is going on with their physical health. 

Viewbox by Viewbox Holdings, LLC is a free Apple iTunes application now available in the iTunes store. The demographic for Viewbox includes medical professionals who require access to medical imaging in any way, specifically within the field of radiology; however, practitioners and students of orthopedics, general surgery, cardiology, neurosciences, dermatology, pathology, dental imaging, and veterinary imaging will find the technology useful. Please Download in iTunes here or visit www.viewbox.net for more information.

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