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Report from SIR: Lytic therapy saves limbs from severe frostbite

March 19, 2008 Report from SIR: Lytic therapy saves limbs from severe frostbite H. A. Abella -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A mix of thrombolytics and antispasmodic drugs is safely taking the chill out of frostbite for Minnesotans caught outside in the state's infamously frigid winter. Preliminary results with moderate success suggest the treatment could help avoid amputations as its application spreads to more icebox states. The findings are relevant to hikers, mountaineers, soldiers, adventurers, homeless people, and nearly everyone who takes pleasure in or has the misfortune of experiencing long exposure to the cold. Frostbite is treated by immersing the affected area in warm water when there is no risk of refreezing the tissue. Thawing, however, can lead to arterial spasm, blood clotting, gangrene, and amputation.

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This article was republished with permission from CMPMedica, LLC

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