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New technologies put the squeeze on us rads

February 7, 2008 Diagnostic Imaging. New technologies put the squeeze on us rads Generalists out, rubber stampers in, hours expand, contract—what else is new at RSNA? Bradley M. Tipler, M.D. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My goals and objectives while attending the annual RSNA meeting have evolved over the years. I used to cram my daily schedule with refresher courses and scientific paper sessions. In recent years, I've found it much more efficient to get this practical information at the bezillion courses offered year-round at various resort destinations. In Chicago, I focus more on equipment, the keynote lectures, and the various controversies du jour. Some of the turmoil is predictable. You know The New England Journal of Medicine is going to print some inflammatory article about our specialty the week of the RSNA meeting. This year's gauntlet article showed conclusive data that CT scanners are giving every man, woman, and child in the world cancer. Popular media frenzy ensues, and many “authorities” from both camps will be interviewed and quoted for days. How convenient that all the radiology authorities just happen to be in one town! I assume it is a PR move approved by all sides.

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