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Diagnostic Imaging North America - November 2008

November 1, 2008 Diagnostic Imaging North America - November 2008 COVER STORY By: James Brice * Prior authorization takes command DEPARTMENTS Agenda By: John C. Hayes * New staffers come up to speed just in time for RSNA meeting Overread * Elite medical facilities ban commercial support of CME * MRA finds value in hydrocephalus interventions * Multicenter trial confirms value of coronary CT angio * Dynamic breast MRI helps assess axillary nodes * Carotid US predicts heart attack, stroke * Online animation preps children for imaging tests * Case of the Month Newsclips * Radiology salaries reflect U.S. healthcare imbalance * CT summation bolsters RFA's targeting accuracy * Three-T MRI enhances diagnosis of focal epilepsy * Optical imaging discovers secret of baby's first words * MRI spots anomalies in children with hearing loss * CT proves clinical worth in bowel obstruction cases Diagnostic Imaging supplement, Technology Advisor * Vendors polish advanced apps with 3T platforms * GE Healthcare seeks better image quality, lower dose * Tech advisor CT vendors plot strategies for growth * Breast imaging shines among ultrasound advances * CR prepares to challenge solid-state digital mammo * Digital mammography: CR and tomo could change game * Innovation spurs novel nontraditional applications * Philips pursues reliability plus image, workflow gains * Toshiba sets 'dynamic volume' as new CT frontier * Enterprise imaging unfolds as future direction of PACS * Thin-client architecture taps 3D viewing for enterprise * Siemens' dual- and singlesource CTs reflect history X-Ray Vision By: John C. Hayes, Editor * DRA pain lingers, but other changes show progress for radiology practice Digital Department * Strategies can limit imaging fungibility * In PACS, 15 years makes a world of difference Women's Imaging * MR offers different option for pregnant appendicitis patients * MR teratogenesis risks include acoustic, thermal injury Tech Watch * Siemens tweaks PET/CT T with hybrid for radiology * Carestream unveils wireless x-ray detector retrofit Molecular Imaging * Smart probes and biomarkers spot earliest signs of cancer Chest Imaging * Missed lung cancers carry medical, legal implications Magnetic Resonance * Musculoskeletal 3T imaging gains clinical acceptance Emergency Radiology * Multislice CT and CAD bring new efficiencies to diagnosis Perturbations * Disruptive behavior gets slammed down

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