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Computer illiteracy relates to age, stress, and persona

January 22, 2008 Diagnostic Imaging. Computer illiteracy relates to age, stress, and persona Smiles can help radiologists deal with technological advances, while frowns can be disadvantageous C. P. Kaiser -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- While stress and personality have a well-established relationship with one another, they were also found to have a strong relationship to computer literacy within the radiologist community. Radiologists with lower levels of occupational stress and certain positive personality types were found to be associated with higher levels of computer literacy. Radiology has traditionally been considered a low-burnout specialty, but that is changing as increasing numbers of stressors are introduced into radiologists' lives (see table). "Radiology is the only medical subspecialty that is 100% dependent on technology. And there is a tendency now for radiologists to become polarized into technophiles and technophobes," said lead author Dr. Bruce Reiner, director of radiology research at the VA Maryland Health Care System in Baltimore.

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