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looking for the views on Radiology process outsourcing to non-US countries, legalities and economic benefits.

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I think that the rads outsourcing to non-US countries alot of US-based radiologists fear... because the obvious is that our expertise becomes a commodity. However, that being said---I think it an exciting time for radiology. I think that it is not only a one way street --- it should be an exchange... there are experts around the world. And w/ telerads, we are able to reach those people whether they are in India China or US.

as far as legalities.. if there were legal regulations to ensure liability coverage for non-US based radiologists, I think that US radiologists better find another career :) not to be too cynical or anything.
I am glad to see alot of international radiologists here at radRounds! Besides the ultimate fear of radiology being outsourced--I feel that there is alot of expertise and people overseas who we can collaborate with to enrich our own offerings and expertise here. It's a two way street.
Why shouldn't there be free flow of information based on ability rather than on legalities?
Hi everyone! Oh I totally agree, Amit--there should be free flow of information and free flow of cases to where the expertise is. And legalities should be evolved to accommodate this, as it is best for patients.
I dont know whether you really want that Jim, because Julie may be right in saying what she is saying.

If you were to give liability coverage to Non US physicians - it may not spell well for the local Radiologists.
Anyone interested in investing in India as a business venture.



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